Sherri Mazza


Author of the book "UNLOCKING PRESALES SUCCESS: The Insight Selling Methodology for Solution Engineers"

Leading with purpose...

I am a thoughtful, compassionate, and forward-thinking leader who champions team success through a community-driven approach. My passion for big-picture strategy is matched by a dedication to developing others and fostering dynamic experiences that collectively propel us toward our goals.

My journey in tech began as a UNIX Engineer at a time when women comprised less than 30% of computer engineers—and even fewer were UNIX specialists. Often the sole woman at the conference table or tech events, I became driven to increase female representation in our field. Despite women's declining participation in tech over the last two decades, I am convinced we're missing out on immense talent. To combat this trend, I have devoted considerable time to mentoring young women and girls in STEM, joining women's leadership groups, and adovating for women in tech on social media, with the aim of cultivating a new, diverse generation of tech leaders.

Did you know that women hold only 26.7% of tech-related jobs? I see this not just as a statistic, but as a call to action. Through mentorship, advocacy, and continuous learning, I am committed to reversing this trend and unlocking the potential of women in technology. Join me in this mission—whether by engaging in dialogue, collaborating on initiatives, or simply by sharing your story. Together, we can drive change and pave the way for more inclusive and diverse tech landscapes.