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Author of the book "UNLOCKING PRESALES SUCCESS: The Insight Selling Methodology for Solution Engineers"

In writing this book, my aim is to share the insights and lessons I learned throughout my journey. From my early technical roles to my current leadership position, each experience has contributed to my understanding of the transformative power of Insight Selling. This book is a culmination of these experiences, offering practical guidance and strategies for those looking to navigate the complex world of technology sales and make a meaningful impact in their organizations

A fact wrapped in a story is 22x more memorable than the fact itself

Story telling draws people in and actively engages them. When you share your stories, you activate emotions and trigger the part of the brain where connections and decisions are made.  


When we inspire our customers, we are changing our customers perception of what’s  true and what’s possible, and building a partnership between ourselves and our customers. We then have the opportunity to  influence the customer's agenda and help define their success.