"I wholeheartedly recommend Sherri Mazza, her tenure at VMware as an Sr SE Manager was marked by exceptional achievements. She demonstrated extraordinary leadership in guiding high-performing pre-sales teams, significantly driving revenue growth and exceeding ambitious targets. Sherri's approach to leadership is both empowering and innovative. She fosters an environment that encourages creative and out of the box thinking, with a proven track record in building strong collaborative teams. This approach has not only facilitated substantial revenue growth but also ensured long-term customer partnerships and retention." ~Sumit Dhawan CEO, Proofpoint & former President of VMware

"I had the privilege of working with Sherri while I was the South SE Senior Director. I hired Sherri to lead the Florida Enterprise SE team. Sherri brought great experience from being a Business Strategic Architect leading large transformations at Freddy Mac and other key VMware Enterprise customers. She brought great thought leadership and business acumen to the role that helped elevate the skills of the Florida SE team. A year later, I gave her additional responsibility to lead a second region in the MidAtlantic, This was a newly established Finacial vertical SE team which included Metlife and Truist, to name a few. Sherri was instrumental in helping establish the new SE team and assisting the SEs in transforming their customer relationships to be more impactful. She has been a great mentor to many, including developing a new SE leader to take over rhw MidAtlantic region for her and onboarding 2 new Sales business partners. A great example of Sherri’s thought leadership is the Storytelling initiative project she lead that culminated in the first ever South Enterprise TED conference. Since I have left the South Enterprise team to lead the Public Sector SE organization, I have continued to watch Sherri grow as a leader, conitnue to be a cultural transformer and to make a huge impact to her customers and business partners. I highly recommed Sherri Mazza for any technical leadership role in the future." ~Yvette Edwards Vice President, Public Sector Solution Engineering at VMware

"I honestly do not know where to start when recommending Sherri Mazza. The first time I met her it was like a breath of fresh air blew over me. A beautiful, exceptionally smart, hilarious and incredibly kind woman was going to be my business partner at VMware. Ten months later I still cannot believe how blessed I am to work along side of this amazing human being. Sherri has taught me so much through her honest feedback, watching how she manages challenges, how she leads her team, experiencing her compassion and desire to truly support others, to her warmth as a friend. I hope we work side by side the rest of my career but I find that unlikely as I am certain she will continue to take on new responsibilities and leadership opportunities. Cheers to Sherri, a rare talent!" ~Anissa Neubauer, Enterprise Sales Director, Florida Region at VMware

"Sherri is a true servant leader. I had the pleasure of working with Sherri for a number of years and benefited from her insight and ideas for how to best serve our customers and our teams. She always brings innovative ideas that helped us all push forward. She has a delightful and upbeat approach that uplifted all of us." ~Martha Bellens-Martin, Manager TAM Services, VMware

“Under Sherri’s leadership her team has excelled in hitting their targets and delivering on our customers digital transformations. Sherri has the leadership, technical, people,and sales skills which make her a standout leader among leaders. Her ability toset a vision and then proactively coach her team on executing on that vision is what makes her successful.Under Sherri’s leadership her team has excelled inhitting their targets and delivering on our customers digital transformations.Sherri has the leadership, technical, people, and sales skills which make her astandout leader among leaders. Her ability to set a vision and then proactivelycoach her team on executing on that vision is what makes her successful.” ~Paul Gentile, Globals Director, Strategic Practice at VMware


“EPIC2 (VMW culture values) = Sherri Mazza. I had the opportunity to run FL Enterprise with Sherri Mazza during COVID with an extended team of 30. She is a team player, leader and always ready to lean in. Jointly, we had to create innovative ways to keep the team morale high, engaged and proactively serving our customers during the unprecedented global pandemic. For 2021, our districts out of 42 Enterprise districts was awarded the EPIC2 region. Thank you for the partnership Sherri! Any team will benefit from your leadership and thoughtful engagement.~Cliff Rittel, Sales, Channel, and Cloud Stategist, AWS


“Sherri is a fearless manager and friend. We have worked together over the years for three different companies. She is a great people manager, has technical acumen and supports our customers with business value in mind. Creative, supportive and kind: Sherri would be an asset to any team!~Concetta Yates, VP of Customer Strategy and Industry Solutions at SS&C Blue Prism

“It was my pleasure to be Sherri's manager in her role as Sales Engineering Manager at Oracle. Sherri is a quality, technical professional skilled in sales engineering team leadership, strategic relationship development and customer satisfaction. Her professional brand is rock solid with qualities like personal integrity, team accountability, ownership and self awareness. Her executive presence instills instant credibility and confidence with her peers, customers and partners. Any organization would greatly benefit from Sherri's presence, technical knowledge and sales skills to drive growth and business results. I wish Sherri all the best and look forward to another opportunity to work with her.”   ~David Rubal, DOD Storage Sales Executive and Data Analysts at AWS


“I worked with Sherri extensively while at Oracle. She both supported me directly at times as well as managing others in our group. She is one of the most talented, sales-focused engineers I have ever worked with. Her leadership and credibility when in front of a customer or an internal team are second to none. Sherri has a knack for being able to translate technical knowledge into easy to understand concepts and then match them to a client's business needs. My customers loved working with Sherri and often asked for her by name when issues arose. I cannot recommend Sherri highly enough!”  ~Dan Garber, Federal Account Manager at ConFluent


“Sherri and I were aligned together to lead a team of sales and systems engineers focusing on Civilian Agencies at Oracle. Sherri always demonstrates an incredible level of commitment and support of the customers, partners and of our team. She is an excellent business partner and believes in teamwork, collaboration and communication. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Sherri again. Sherri would be a tremendous asset to any organization looking for an SE Leader.”   ~William Minarchi, Public Sector Manager at Pure Storage